What Is Blind Stitch Sewing Machine?

What Is Blind Stitch Sewing Machine?

The Blind Stitch Sewing Machine is the ideal tool for giving garments and other fabric items a neat, professional finish. This specialized device uses a unique needle and thread to bind two pieces of material together without leaving a visible mark on the fabric’s surface. With its easy operation and reliable performance, the Blind Stitch Sewing Machine is a must-have item for any sewer toolkit, especially when hemming or creating decorative stitches.

Working Mechanism

A blind stitch sewing machine works by creating a nearly invisible stitch on the right side of the fabric while catching a small amount of the fabric on the underside of the hem. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fold the edge of the fabric to be hemmed over twice to create a hem, leaving a small amount of fabric to be folded under.
  1. Place the fabric under the presser foot of the blind stitch sewing machine, with the folded edge of the fabric facing up.
  2. Lower the presser foot and begin sewing. As you sew, the machine will stitch through the folded edge of the fabric and catch a small amount of the fabric on the underside of the hem.
  1. The machine will then create a stitch that loops around the fabric, creating a nearly invisible stitch on the right side of the fabric.
  2. As you continue sewing, the machine will create a series of these stitches, which will secure the hem and create a neat, professional-looking finish.

Types Of Blind Stitch Sewing Machines

There are two main types of blind stitch sewing machines:

  1. Portable Blind Stitch Sewing Machine


These machines are designed for home use and are typically lightweight and compact. They are often used by home sewers for hemming pants, skirts, and other garments. They may be mechanical or electronic and may have a variety of features such as adjustable stitch length, adjustable speed control, and different stitch patterns.

  1. Industrial Blind Stitch Sewing Machines: 


These machines are designed for use in the garment industry and are typically larger and more powerful than portable machines. They are designed to handle heavy fabrics and are often used for hemming and seaming in clothing production. They may be operated by foot pedal or by an electric motor, and may have additional features such as automatic thread cutting and adjustable stitch width.


Blind stitch sewing machines have several advantages, including:

  1. With the help of a blind stitch sewing machine, a professional finish is given to any fabric with a virtually invisible hem on the right side.
  2. Businesses requiring to quickly and efficiently hem a great number of garments will benefit immensely from a blind stitch sewing machine. Its unparalleled speed and efficiency make it an invaluable asset.
  3. Blind stitch sewing machines create precise, consistent stitches, which ensures that the hem is even and looks neat.
  4. The blind stitch sewing machine provides a range of advantages, allowing users to sew with ease on materials of any thickness, making it a highly useful tool for a wide array of sewing applications.
  5. This tool eliminates the need for hand-stitching or utilizing a standard sewing machine to hem garments leading to time-saving.
  6. Durability is essential when it comes to clothing that will be worn often. The strong, durable stitches created by blind stitch sewing machines are perfect for withstanding frequent use.


While blind stitch sewing machines have many advantages, they also have a few disadvantages, including:

  1. Blind stitch sewing machines are primarily intended for hemming, making them less versatile than other types of machines, which are suitable for a broad range of sewing tasks.
  2. Blind stitch sewing machines generally offer just a couple of stitch options, which could make it difficult to find one suitable for certain types of hems or projects.
  3. Blind stitch sewing machines can be more expensive than other types of sewing machines, which may be a drawback for those on a tight budget.
  4. Like any machine, a blind stitch sewing machine requires regular maintenance to keep it in good working condition. This may include oiling the machine, cleaning the parts, and replacing needles and other components as needed.


A Blind stitch sewing machine is a very good choice for putting professional and polished results from doing alterations to dressmaking. Do keep in mind that it doesn’t suit all fabrics and works best with lightweight to medium-weight fabrics.

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